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Army Emergency Relief Kicks Off 2016 Campaign – “Never Leave a Soldier in Need”

ALEXANDRIA, Va., March 1, 2016 – Army Emergency Relief (AER) announced the 2016 campaign theme, “Never Leave a Soldier in Need." The campaign runs from March 1st through May 15th with the goal of creating greater awareness of the benefits of AER as well as providing Soldiers the opportunity to help their fellow Soldiers.

Over the last several years AER has made significant changes to meet the needs of today’s Army, adding new categories of assistance, expediting the assistance process and increasing grants by 30%. Last September AER made a policy change which allows all Soldiers, regardless of rank, direct access to AER assistance.

“Never Leaving a Soldier in Need is in keeping with the Army’s core values," said AER’s Director, retired Army LTG Robert Foley. “Whether the need is money for a Soldier’s emergency leave, new brakes for the family car or to cover the initial rent deposit on a new apartment, AER is there! To maintain this level of assistance today, donations from Soldiers, active and retired, are essential to ensure the legacy of Soldiers Helping Soldiers."

Army Emergency Relief is a private non-profit organization dedicated to providing financial assistance to Soldiers, active and retired, and their Families. Since it was founded in 1942, AER has provided more than $1.7 billion to more than 3.6 million Soldiers and Families. Last year AER provided more than $71 million dollars in assistance to nearly 47,000 Soldiers and Families which includes $9 million for 4,102 scholarships to Spouses and Children of Soldiers.

Soldiers needing AER assistance can either contact their unit Chain of Command or go directly to one of the 78 AER sections at their nearest Army installation. Additional information is available at

For more information contact Guy Shields at or 703-325-1692. Follow AER on Facebook: AER HQ Facebook Page

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