Have You Been Affected by the Recent Hurricanes?


Army Emergency Relief can provide financial assistance as a result of the emergency evacuation and impact of Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria on Texas, Louisiana,  Florida, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico.

A loan up to $600 may be provided to:

  1. Active Duty Soldiers and their eligible military ID Card Holding Family members.
  2. Retired Soldiers which includes those retired for longevity, medical, or for Reserve Components Soldiers receiving DFAS Retirement pay and their eligible military ID Card Holding Family members.
  3. Surviving unmarried spouses and children of those Soldiers who died on active duty or died after reaching retirement.

The AER Director, in coordination with the National Guard Bureau and the U.S. Army Reserve Command, waived the requirement for National Guard and Reserve Soldiers supporting Hurricane Harvey / Irma to be mobilized under Title 10 USC orders for more than 30 days.  

You can obtain assistance at a local Army Installation. Find your closest AER office by clicking Find Your Closest AER Section. Requests for assistance are processed at any of the 75 AER Sections located on Army installations around the world or the closest Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, or Coast Guard Base through their Military Aid Society office. In the absence of any Military Aid Society within 50 miles of your location, AER assistance is available by calling the American Red Cross (1-877-272-7337), and then select option 1 for financial assistance.

In addition to the Evacuation Assistance listed above, AER can assist with.

·         Food while displaced from home or upon return to residence in the affected area to restock staples.

·         Temporary Lodging for short duration while displaced from the home or the home is declared “uninhabitable” by local authorities and FEMA assistance is not available.

·         Clothing to replace basic civilian clothing lost or damaged while waiting for claims to process.  Assistance is not intended to replace entire wardrobes.

·         Military Uniforms: Provide assistance to replace a duty and/or physical fitness uniform lost or damaged from the storm.

·         Home Repairs:  Provide assistance to repair the primary residence after FEMA and insurance claims have both been complete.  Repairs that do not fall into one of the current categories should be considered as an exception.

·         Replacement vehicle:  AER can provide up to $4,000 towards a replacement vehicle for those Active duty and Retired Soldiers whose current vehicle is beyond repair/recovery as deemed by the insurance adjustor.

·         Travel to assist those that need to return home after evacuating or getting stranded during travel.  Assist with travel expenses for Soldiers that wish to assist extended Family members with home repairs and clean-up if the command places the Soldier on either “emergency leave” or “leave under emergency conditions.”

·         Insurance deductible for vehicle or home repairs.

·         Initial Rent and Deposit to secure a new long-term residence for those whose primary residence is declared “uninhabitable”.

·         Medical Care:  Provide assistance to replace lost or damaged medical equipment or replace prescription medication destroyed in flooding.

·         Furniture:  Provide for essential items such as beds, sofa, table w /chairs that were damaged beyond repair by the storm and not covered by insurance.

Appliance repair/replacement:  Provide for repair/replacement of refrigerator, stove, washer or dryer that was damaged beyond repair by the storm not covered by insurance.


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