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Frequently Asked Questions

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General FAQs


Are there late fees?

AER does not charge late fees on the repayment of loans. As long as a payment is received each month toward the balance, a loan will remain active.

What is the interest rate on my loan?

AER does not charge any interest on its loans.

What happens if I overpay my loan?

If overpayment occurs, a refund may be processed by your local AER section or the National Headquarters.

How do I check my loan balance?

You may check your loan balance by using the “Balance Inquiries” link, or by contacting AER directly.

Payment FAQs


Can I make a payment over the phone?

We cannot process payments over the phone.

What forms of payment do you accept?

AER accepts payments online or in the form of check or money order. Do not send cash.

What information do I need to provide on my payment?

Please include your Client ID and/or your account number as well as your full name to ensure we are able to correctly apply the payment to your account. Additionally, if your address has changed, please provide us with a current mailing address. 

Where do I mail my payment?

Payments should be mailed to:
Army Emergency Relief
200 Stovall Street
Alexandria, VA  22332

What do I do if my payment is late?

If your payment is going to be late, please contact AER Headquarters at 1-866-878-6378 or

Online Payment FAQs


Do I need to sign up or enroll to pay online?

You will need to register an account on our payment site to schedule your payment online.  You will need your Client ID to register.

What type of information do I need to enter to pay online?

You will need the amount you are paying, your bank's routing transit number, and your checking or saving account number.

What type of account may I use to pay my bill?

You may use your savings or checking account to pay your bill online.

What is a routing transit number?

It is a number that identifies the bank your checking or saving account belongs to.

Where do I find my checking and routing transit numbers?

Both numbers are printed at the bottom of your check. The routing transit number is the first (nine digit number) and your checking account number (which may vary in length and be broken into groups of numbers) is usually the second number. The following number is generally the check number (not part of your checking account number) and therefore, should not be included when entering your checking account number. If you do not have a check available, please contact your bank for this information. 

Can I use my credit card to make payments?

No, AER does not accept credit card payments.

Will I be charged a fee for making my payment online?

There is no charge to our customers for using our Online Loan Payment feature.

When does AER receive my payment?

Please allow up to 4 business days for the funds to clear the bank and be posted to your account.

I did not receive a confirmation email, should I retry?

No, you should not retry, you should contact AER to confirm that payment is in process.

Is it possible to have my bills paid automatically?

Yes, by setting up recurring payments. Loan payments will be deducted from your bank account automatically on the date that you choose.

Can online payment be made for all loans?

The AER Web Payment feature is available for all active Loans with a balance greater than zero. If your account is at collection or is uncollectable for repayment you will not be able to check your balance or make payments online.

Online payments may be scheduled toward a loan that is also being repaid by an allotment from a service member’s active duty pay. It is important to note that scheduling a payment online will not replace a monthly allotment. When an online payment is received toward a loan that is also being repaid by a monthly allotment, AER will adjust the stop date for the running allotment.

How do I know the website is secure?

The web site is secured using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption, which ensures that your account numbers and personal data are always encrypted when sent over the Internet. (You will always know that SSL is in use when you see HTTPS instead of HTTP in the URL address.)

Allotment FAQs


Who can repay loans by allotment?

Allotments may only be processed for Active Duty and Retired Soldiers. Currently DFAS does not have the ability to process allotments for Reserve Component or National Guard soldiers.

Who will start the allotment?

AER will contact DFAS on your behalf to start the allotment.

Do I need to stop the allotment once my loan is paid in full?

The allotment is scheduled to stop automatically once the loan is paid in full.

If I wish to alter my allotment, who do I need to contact?

Note that changes for Retirees can only be made prior to the 10th of each month.

Note that changes for AD can only be made prior to the 20th of each month.

Please submit requests in writing to If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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