Thursday, December 18, 2014
Army Emergency Relief
200 Stovall Street
Alexandria, VA 22332

Phone: 703-428-0000
Toll Free: 866-878-6378
DSN: 328-0000
Fax: 703-325-7183
DSN: 221-7183

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Effective at 0900 (EST), 18 December 2014, HQ AER will be "closed" due to a water main break that has caused the Hoffman Building closed. Beginning at 1030 (EST), After Hours procedures are in effect and the AER After Hours caseworker can be reached by contacting the Army Operations Center at 703-697-0218.

Army AER Sections: All HQ AER Assistance Team members will have netFORUM access and will periodically  monitor the “Level 3 Work Queue” to make assistance decisions on Level 3 cases that are time sensitive i.e. Emergency Travel, privation etc.  All other request for assistance that are not time sensitive should be worked by AER Sections and submitted to HQ AER via the Level 3 queue.   

Other Military Aid Societies/American Red Cross: Blanket Approval Authority should be used for Active Duty Military members (excluding National Guard and Reservist on Title 10 Orders) in case of death or serious illness of an immediate family member. A loan of up to $2500.00 for emergency travel may be provided. All other request for assistance that are not time sensitive should be worked by contacting the HQ AER caseworker via the Army Operations Center at 703-697-0218, beginning at 1030 (EST), 18 December 2014.

The HQ AER Annual Holiday Party and Open House has been postponed and will take place, 1200-1400 (EST), 19 December 2014. HQ AER Staff will be unavailable to take calls during this two hour period. Our phones will shut down at 11:50 (EST) and we will resume operations at 14:15 (EST).

AER is a private nonprofit organization incorporated in 1942 by the Secretary of War and the Army Chief of Staff. AER's sole mission is to help soldiers and their dependents.

AER is the Army's own emergency financial assistance organization and is dedicated to "Helping the Army Take Care of Its Own." AER provides commanders a valuable asset in accomplishing their basic command responsibility for the morale and welfare of soldiers.

AER funds are made available to commanders having AER Sections to provide emergency financial assistance to soldiers - active & retired - and their dependents when there is a valid need.

AER funds made available to commanders are not limited and are constrained only by the requirement of valid need.

For these reasons, the AER assistance program is conducted within the Army structure by major commanders and their installation/organization commanders through AER sections and other related organizations.

AER - Soldiers Helping Soldiers

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