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Army Emergency Relief
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Toll Free: 866-878-6378
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can anyone make a donation to Army Emergency Relief?

Yes, anyone can donate to Army Emergency Relief including organizations and businesses. Donations can be made either by check, credit card or allotment (from Active Duty Army and Retired Army pay). Credit card donations and allotments can both be set up online through our website.

Are donations accepted only during AER’s Annual Campaign period?

No. We gratefully accept donations throughout the year. Donations can be made by check, credit card or allotment (for Active Duty Army and Retired Army Service Members). Credit card donations and allotments can both be set up online through this website.

Do you accept allotments from my Department of Defense - civilian pay?

Civilians can start a discretionary allotment through their MyPay account for Army Emergency Relief. Please contact us at 1-866-878-6378 for additional instructions.

Why can’t I find AER in the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC)?

AER does not participate in the annual CFC. Army Emergency Relief conducts its own separate campaign which is run annually by the US Army from 1 March through 15 May. The best way to ensure that AER receives a donation directly is via our website. Credit card donations and allotments can both be set up online.

Can I have my donation designated to benefit a certain Soldier or location?

Army Emergency Relief is not permitted by its tax exempt status to accept donations that are earmarked only for a specific Soldier or individual. All campaign contributions are made available to any Soldier, anywhere in the world, based only on that Soldier's need at the time. However, if you would like to make a donation to benefit a specific Army Installation, we can credit their annual campaign for the specific installation you designate. Please send your donation to the AER Office at that installation or send it to our HQAER office, noting the installation you wish to receive credit. You can also designate an installation when you make a credit card or allotment donation online through this website.

Can I have my donation designated to the benefit of Wounded Soldiers or the Families of Fallen Soldiers?

While Army Emergency Relief provides assistance for Wounded Soldiers and to Families of Fallen Soldiers, we prefer that any donations made be to our general fund and are then available for use by all Soldiers and their Families who may be in need.

Does Army Emergency Relief accept non-cash donations such as clothing or furniture?

Army Emergency Relief is not able to accept items for donation such as clothing or furniture. We receive financial donations through an annual fundraising campaign run by the Army and unsolicited cash donations given by the general public which are gratefully accepted anytime.

Does Army Emergency Relief accept donations of cars?

Army Emergency Relief does not accept donations of cars. However, there are several charities such as Cars4Charities and CharityMotors which accept these donations. The net proceeds of the donation are then sent to the charity of your choice. Army Emergency Relief has been the beneficiary of such donations.

Does Army Emergency Relief accept donations of unused airline miles?

No, Army Emergency Relief does not accept donations of unused airline miles. Please visit the website for the nonprofit Fisher House Foundation, which administers the "Hero Miles Program” for the Department of Defense, for information on how to donate your miles.

Do you provide care packages for Soldiers?

Army Emergency Relief cannot accept donations of care packages or other items for distribution to Soldiers. The US Army has a program called “Gifts to the Army” that may be of help in accepting donations for care packages.

Where can I find the latest copy of Army Emergency Relief’s IRS Form 990 filing?

We post our IRS Form 990 on our website. While the information contained in the IRS Form 990 is helpful, it does not fully address the scope and mission of AER. We encourage you to also review our Annual Report, and audited financial statements as well as statistics and detailed information about AER.

My business is interested in partnering with AER to benefit your charity. How would I do this?

Army Emergency Relief accepts and deeply appreciates all unsolicited donations. However, we are not permitted to enter into agreements or partnerships with private businesses in exchange for donations. Additionally, we do not place links to other businesses on our website. Our policy is to allow a merchant to use the Army Emergency Relief name and logo, and create a link to our website along with a short summary of our mission. Any link to the Army Emergency Relief name, logo, and/or website does not constitute the endorsement of any product or service. Credit card donations can be set up online through this website.
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