Monday, December 22, 2014
Army Emergency Relief
200 Stovall Street
Alexandria, VA 22332

Phone: 703-428-0000
Toll Free: 866-878-6378
DSN: 328-0000
Fax: 703-325-7183
DSN: 221-7183

Officers & Staff

The Officers and Staff at AER Headquarters are well qualified to provide Soldiers and their Families the highest level of service in “Helping the Army take of its Own” with a combined 214 years of experience in of helping meet the needs of Soldiers and their Families. In addition to their years of service with AER the retired Officers and Non-commissioned Officers bring a total of 290 years of Active Duty experience in taking care of Soldiers and the Families in carrying out AER’s mission.

Leadership -

  • President, GEN Dennis J. Reimer, U.S. Army Retired 
  • Director, LTG Robert F. Foley, U.S. Army Retired
  • Vice President for Administration, LTG Thomas P. Carney, U.S. Army Retired
  • Vice President for Finance, Mr. C. Jackson Ritchie, Jr.
  • Deputy Director for Finance/Treasurer, COL Andrew H. Cohen, U.S. Army Retired
  • Deputy Director for Administration/Secretary, COL C. Eldon Mullis, U.S. Army Retired

Communication and Public Affairs -

  • COL Guy Shields, U.S. Army Retired


Accounting -

  • Mrs. Melissa La Vallee
  • Mrs. Wendy Jumbercotta

Campaign and Donations -

  • Mrs. Susan Kendall
  • Mr. Andrew Pike

Educational Assistance -

  • Mrs. Tammy Lacroix
  • Mrs. Angela Pratt

Financial Assistance -

  • CSM Charles Durr, U.S. Army Retired
  • SGM Steve Broadway, U.S. Army Retired
  • SGM Bill Hagzan, U.S. Army Retired
  • SGM Glen Wellman, U.S. Army Retired

Information Technology -

  • Mr. Tom Elliott
  • Mr. Durrell Gray

Loan Management -

  • SGM Donald Vincent, U.S. Army Retired
  • Mrs. Bridget Garback
  • Mrs. Stacy Bowers
  • Mrs. Stephanie Danielak


  • Ms. Aarika Nathan

Investment Counsel

Northern Trust Global Advisors, Inc.
Mr. Jeffrey F. Williams
Senior Vice President

Legal Advisor

Mr. William R. Bernard

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